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Jaimee Brosko-Smith - Agent with RE/MAX HOMETOWN

Shirley Ann Johnson

my name is Shirley Johnson, The realtor/customer service that I received from Jamiee is #1, she is a workaholic. she is honest, she came and picked me up took me to all of the homes that I wanted to see, I can't say the same for the other realtors that I had dealt with before I met Jamiee. Overall she is the best Jamiee will be my next realtor when I am ready to move or sell my home.
Thank you
Shirley Johnson

Caprise Clark

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jaimee Brosko.


I have known her for 2 years, she went to work  for me on my first home.


Jaimee is definitely a leader and in addition to her excellent skills and accomplishments she is a most dependable team player.


Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors.


Jaimee is a asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.



Caprise M. Clark

Lavonna Reed

Being a first time home buyer two years ago, I had no Idea what I was in for, but I contacted Jaimee, and she was extremely patient with my questions, and helpful throughout the entire process.   I love my home and appreciate Jaimee for being the constant professional.  I am always keeping an ear out for people that are need of a Realtor so that I can refer them to the best!

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Loveinu Simmons

Thank you for all of the hard work you put in, weekends, weeknights, and anytime phone calls answering questions. Your caring attitude made this experience even more special. We were grateful that God sent you our way. ( Also, Thanks to Kiesha!!!) . Thank you Jaime for being YOU. We never knew this tedious and long experience would lead to such a  beautiful friendship. You a great Job with sending many many many houses and also showing all of the houses we THOUGHT we wanted. You truly have a gift for this... Keep on doing God's work. God has given you a gift.. never let it go. We LOVE our home and our new friend!!!!

Christina Lewis

Jaimee is a hard worker with integrity, accountability, and productivity. I met Jaimee at a seminar for 1st time home buyers. I met

3 other agents through these seminars and Jaimee stood out as the most personable. She did not just rattle on about the process of buying a house she showed how much she loves what she does by elaborating on each step. I read and understood what I needed to do as a buyer, but I really felt like I didn't do anything because Jaimee was on top of every step that needed to be taken care of. Jaimee looked out for my best interest from the beginning of the process to the very end.


Christina Lewis

Sharon Hill

Ken Brown

Jaimee was such a huge part of buying my first home.  Most of the time, you hear stories of how difficult the process of buying a house can be and how stressful it can be too.  Well I must of had the best realtor out there because Jaimee made the process extremely smooth for me.  I would highly recommend using Jaimee as your realtor.  She was extremely accomodating and I will definitely use her the next time I consider buying a home

Dave and Jackie Ferguson

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you've done during our transition from renters to HOME OWNERS!!!
I know we asked a ton of questions, but not once did you make us feel as if we asked a dumb or "common sense" question. You never brushed us off or made us feel as if we were simply just a sale. You took your time with thoroughly explaining the process and it couldn't of been any easier. It's important to feel confident about the realtor working with you, and you have honestly gained my family's trust. I also want to thank you on behalf of everyone I've referred to you, as they are just as pleased!  
Thanks again!
God Bless,
The Fergusons

Lisa Ross

I could not have asked for a better realtor than Jaimee.  The first time I met her was at a first time homebuyers seminar.  Although at least two other realtors spoke at the seminar, I knew Jaimee was the right realtor for me.  Her knowledge about real estate was evident as she made her presentation.


The thing I most remember about Jaimee during my homebuying experience was that she was never too busy to talk to me.  If I left her a voice message or sent her an email, she always responded immediately.  When I would get concerned about the "bumps" that came along while waiting for settlement on my house, she would always say, "Don't you worry about it.  It's my job to worry."  And she really meant that.  We had a major problem with the house heater about 5 days before settlement.  Although it was really the job of the seller's agent to handle it, Jaimee ended up taking the lead and making sure that the situation was resolved so that I could go to settlement on time. I can't imagine that just any realtor would do what she did for me.


Lisa Ross


Dear Jaimee,                                                                                                           November 12, 2009


     I am sorry that this is a little over-do; moving and settling in is time consuming business.  Now that I have a minute I want to tell you how much I appreciate your service with selling the house.

     Where were you when I purchased my house to begin with?  With my previous realtors I was  disappointed with  the lack of representation, support and interest for my well being.  Both times I found my self in the buyers position I  was unfortunate to hook up with realtors who were self serving.  I really felt that they just wanted to make a sale and push me through the process.  They made no effort to assist me with any of the details that I, as a new home buyer, was unfamiliar with.  Of course, when someone is looking to buy a home they need a realtor who can do more than simply show them properties.  Not all real estate professionals understand that, or maybe they just can't be bothered. 

     Selling a home for the first time I had alot to learn about the process.  I am so very happy that I crossed paths with you!  (Now I know just how sad my previous realtors were.)  You are very knowledgeable, open and clear.  I never felt that you were dancing around an issue that you didn't know the answer to or just wanted to avoid to make things easy for yourself.  (Yes, I have felt that way with some others.)  I feel that you represented me and my interests above and beyond what is required.  You made certain that the buyer had a secure mortgage, and without your assistance she probably would not have, or she would have been stuck paying a much higher rate.  It was an eye opener for me to see how her 'buyers agent' failed to help her.  I am grateful that you made yourself available  in that extra capacity and we closed the deal. 

     You are a bright and warm person, and so easy to like!  You are helpful but never pushy or obtrusive.  You're smart and genuine.   My goal in selling my house was to sell it for a certain price, as quickly as possible, and to feel good about the deal.  I wanted a win-win situation and that is what I got thanks to your expertise.  I don't know anyone else who's old a house in three weeks, for the price they wanted.  So, thank you again.  I will certainly pass your card and my good feelings on to anyone I know who could use a professional realtor. 


Best Wishes, Marianne

Larae and Seydou Moumouni


I really enjoyed having you as a Realtor.  Jaimee, you were very familiar with all the areas that I had interest in.  You were very patient but yet also very honest and told the truth!  You made yourself available to be present at all showings, appointments, inspections, phone calls and emails.  You helped me to look outside the box.  When viewing homes you offered your ideas and input on how to make each home that sparked an interest special and my own.   Best of all you helped my husband and I find the one special home we can all our own and start our family in.  Jaimee, you did a great job and I would refer you to anyone who is in the market to purchase or sell their home. Keep up the great work!


Larae & Seydou Moumouni

Ben and Alicia

 we would like to thank you greatly for the job you did for us. not
just helping us find our home but making everything really easy. all i
have heard in the past is that buying a house was one of the most
stressful ordeals one can go through. working with you was a pleasure
and i never had to worry about a thing as you were always a phone call
away. after hearing some bad luck stories im so happy i found a realtor
i could trust and had our best interest's at heart.
    ben and alicia

David and Donna Strainick

Good realtors are hard to come by and we should know after buying and selling six different properties in the last 15 yrs. For our latest move, we choose to work with Jamie Brosko-Smith of Keller Williams. Why you ask? Well besides her incredible personality and true passion for selling real estate, we knew that she could get the job done. Even though we had four feet of snow on the ground, Jamie was able to get our house sold in less than three weeks in an off market. I attribute that to her marketing capabilities. Jamie posted our house on every website you can think of and held a brokers open shortly after we put the house on the market. It's the combination of the right price, the right house and the right buyers that pulled it all together. Now some would say well I can market my house myself. I've tried that and in a different market maybe you could but today real estate is tricky and they're aren't that many buyers out there looking for homes, so you need a professional who can market the home right. Beyond the marketing, Jamie took care of all the little details you wouldn't even think of, like certificates of occupancy, inspections and all the paperwork. Ugh! Had Jamie not been able to shepherd along those things for us we could never have gotten thru the process, especially with challenging buyers. So, if you're looking for a realtor that has integrity and skills, please contact our friend Jamie at Keller Williams. She'll help make your dreams a reality.

David & Donna Strainick ...

Nakia Canady

"I had my property listed with a different realtor prior to my listing with Jaimee Brosko-Smith.  I am truly impressed with her efforts and dedication.  I felt as if we not only had a business relationship but a friendship too."


Jaimee, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me and my family.  Before I was introduced to you, I experienced a bumpy and challenging road.  You went above and beyond in helping me.  I want to thank you for making this such a positive experience.  I will refer you to people forever!!!


Warmest regards,

Nakia Canady

Darryl and Tomeka McCurry

Jaimee;  It was a pleasure for us to have met a realtor who was there for us.We look to you
not only as our realtor ,but as  a friend as well. And of course i will recommend you to my family and friends.

          From Tomica, Taylor and Darryl McCurry

Carla Armstrong

I absolutely loved working with Jaimee!!! My job as a seller was virtually effortless. Jaimee is so knowledgeable about real estate, and works very hard to make sure her clients are also well informed. I really liked the fact that she always kept me up to date on all the websites where my house was being advertised. With her aggressive marketing plan, I had a large amount of viewings and I even had an offer on the table within two weeks of listing my home!

                Jaimee is smart, organized, punctual, very personable and was such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of selling my home. She always went the extra mile to make things easier for me. I will recommend her to everyone I know. Thanks, Jaimee!

Carla Armstrong

Natasha Slaughter

Jaimee is like no other! During my search, I came in contact with realtors that seem to judge me based on the amount of money I had to spend. Not Jaimee. She was willing to help make my dreams come true. I have never seen someone who's income was based on sales and them not try to push you. But with Jaimee, it was not her priority. She is a realistic person that understands that I wasn't trying to live to pay bills only! Her concern was taking care of me to ensure that I would have no regrets. Every house we visited, she treated as though she would be living there. She is always honest and upfront with a great eye for detail. Perfect match for a first time buyer, I couldn't have asked for more.
Jaimee is the only person I would recomend for any and all property needs.

Jaimee, you have become family & I can't thank you enough! I'm already looking forward to the next property.

Your friend & client for life,

Syreta of Lansdowne

Buying a house can be compared to being on an emotional roller coaster.. You win and you lose when looking for the house just right for you.. With Jaimee, I won.. Jaimee is very resourceful and treats all her clients individually.. She knows just what to say, do and when to pull out the brown bag just before I start to to herventilate.Lol.. Jaimee is my realtor for life..*_*
Syreta Roberts

Charma Bell

Jaimee helped me to better understand the homebuying process, informed me about grant money, and made sure I picked a property that was right for me! I feel like I couldn't have picked a better realtor to help me make such an important decision. Thank you, Jaimee!

Kelly Norton and Todd Miller

Thank you so much for being our realtor and being super supportive throughout the home buying process. You made it seem so easy! After our initial consultation, you knew who we were as a couple and helped guide us to the perfect house that suited our needs and personalities. Throughout the months, you were easily accessable and answered my MANY questions immediately! Whenever I paniced about a situation, you were always there to calm me down. I couldn't have asked for a better first home buying experience and I know that it is all due to you. I would be honored to recommend you to anyone looking to buy a home in the future. You made all our dreams come true. You definately have a client for life!

Hi Jaimee,
Kelly and I appreciate all of your hard work throughout the home buying process. You helped reduce a lot of our stress and anxiety with the realtor, the inspections and especially working with Brian. You handled each issue quickly and with the same attention to detail that Kelly would have, which put us both at ease, knowing that we are in good hands. Both of us would be more than happy to refer our friends to you. We really appreciate your help and patience throughout the entire process.
Thank you again for helping us find our house. We are excited for you to see it as we add our personality and truly make it our home. 

Jeanette Mcclaskey

I met Jaimee through a friend of mine. I had recently left my other realtor because the experience was very bad. Not knowing too much about Jaimee I did not know what to expect. When I met her she was nothing but polite, friendly, and courteous. I can say that I have never had a better experience with any other realtor. She is hard working and does not stop until the job is done. I would highly recommend Jaimee for any purchase or sale of any of my homes. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have helped me with over the last few months. It was a pleasure having met you.  Thank you so much.


Hi Jaimee,

I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and the gift was very nice of you. And the girls want to thank you themselves so I’m sure they will be contacting you! J You have got to come when I have my house blessing I will let you know the date!! Thanks again!!


Teri and Bill

Jaimee, you were an enormous help to us. Buying our first home was exciting, exhausting and a bit scary.  Your encouragement calmed our many frayed nerves.  We appreciate your professionalism and we consider you more than our realtor you are now our friend.  Continued blessings and success to you.


Teri and Bill

Sean and Dannielle Buchy

It was great working with Jaimee.  As first-time home-buyers, we learned a lot and we had fun too.  She always went the extra mile and calmed our nerves when we needed it.  She was extremely caring and it felt as though a family member was helping us find our new home.  With her help, we found the perfect house for our growing family.  We couldn't be happier!  THANKS JAIMEE!!!    - Sean & Dannielle Buchy



The Christensen's

We feel very lucky to have been referred to Jaimee.  Our home sold very quickly during the roughest part of the recent housing market crisis.  We consider our good fortune a result of Jaimee's hard work and good connections.  We interviewed several realtors before selecting Jaimee and we chose to work with her because of her easy going and honest personality, some of her very ethical personal policies, and her recent success in our area.  Jaimee turned out to be extremely easy to work with: always working around our schedule (even if it meant meeting with us late at night after our children were asleep), keeping us well informed about the feedback from the viewings, always making it clear what the next step in the process was, and she was always quick to return our phone calls, emails, and answer our questions.  We received a few different offers and Jaimee did not push us to accept the any of them but let us make our own decisions while at the same time provided helpful and experienced advice.  We truly felt she sincerely cared for our well-being more than her own profit.  The process of selling our home went smoothly and quickly and in a very organized fashion and we credit Jaimee for that.  It was a pleasure to work with her and we will quickly and without any reservation recommend her to anyone.  She is a wonderful realtor!


-The Christensen

Chrissy and Nick Tripiciano

We loved Jaimee!! She was willing to go to house after house with us. I was amazed at how easy she was to get a hold of and how much time she seemed to devote just to us. I have no idea how she balanced all that with other clients and family. Somehow she juggles it all!

Caryn and Hakim Robinson

Jaimee was absolutely amazing during the search and purchase of our new home! She was extremely knowledgeable, honest and supportive during our entire process! She always had an answer to our questions and was patient when answering them! Thanks to her our family has a place to call a home! We couldn't have imagined having a better realtor than her! We will definitely recommend her to any of our friends and family looking to buy or sell their home.

Sonny and Vidhy

Jaimee spent so much time with us from day 1. As this was our first home-purchasing experience and we had a million questions, Jaimee took the time to explain things to us and answer all of our questions to ensure we were comfortable with each step in the home-purchasing process. In addition to finding us a great home and an AMAZING deal, Jaimee was very honest with us and told us her personal and professional opinion on each property. Overall, Jaimee is an amazing real estate agent and now an amazing friend. Thank you for everything Jaimee! We would definitely recommend Jaimee to all of our friends and family!

Jen of Collingdale

I was referred to Jamiee by another realtor who was a dear friend. At first I was very hesistant in beginning with someone new, however at first meet with Jamiee I felt very comfortable with her. She made my house hunt about me and my needs. I love her honest opinion and down to earth attitude. What I admired most about Jamiee's style was her organization and the fact that she was very knowledgable about the buisness details, areas, etc. I am very happy to have been referred to Jamiee, she helped make my first time home experience memorable and I consider her a life-long friend!


Right from the moment I spoke with Jaimee, I had a good feeling about her. She told me when I met her, I didn't have to worry about bringing anything with me, she would bring all the paperwork. The first time we met, she was on time, she had all my paperwork together and had printed out and researched extra things I didn't even think about. Throughout my home search, Jaimee was always one step ahead of things. She was always on top of everything, she is always easy to get in touch with. Even when we looked at house after house in one day, she was always upbeat and positive, when I felt it was an impossible feat. Jaimee is very honest, upfront and real. I felt overwhelmed at first as a first time homebuyer and she was extremely helpful in answering every question I had, even the questions my mom had and walking me through the whole process. Jaimee helped me find my first home and I would recommend her services to everyone who is planning on buying or selling; she is the BEST realtor!!! I have a realtor and friend for life!! Thanks Jaimee!!!

Tee and Amy of Upper Darby

Jaimee is a wonderful realtor...I am very skeptical when it comes to help or service...when we first met..I felt very comfortable with her...Easy to get in touch with..honest..very knowledgeable of the business..well organized..was on point with things during the process..Highly recommended to any potential buyer...Trust is hard to come by..You have that with Jaimee...Thanks again !

Brian and Christine Lane

Jaimee was an extremely knowledgeable, honest and insightful real estate agent. She is a wonderful person to work with. She was always easy to get in touch with and returned phone calls/emails/texts quickly. She is the best real estate agent out there!

Chrissy and Mike Lynch

Jaimee was a great realtor and help us a lot with ALL of our questions and concerns. She stayed on point and always kept a positive attitude. I would reccommend her to any and all who are looking to purchase a home, especially their first home.

Mark and Caroline Crouse

As first time buyers, my fiance and I needed a lot of hand-holding. Jaimee was wonderful to work with! She patiently answered all of our questions and made sure that we understood the process start to finish. In addition, she was able to quickly understand what we were and weren't looking for in a home. When we went to properties, she would offer an honest assessment, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each as it related to our wish list.

We already have (and will continue to) recommended Jaimee to anyone we know that is looking for a new home!

Cynthia and James

Hey Jaimee,
We would like to thank you for all the assistance you provided us during our home buying process. Jaimee, yes you are our friend/Realtor for life. We don't know what we would have done without you. Hope we didn't put too many mile on your car. We are proud to be home owners now. But we will be in the near future looking to obtain investment properties. So make sure you have a lot of gas. We'll have some friends/family contact you when they are ready to begin process.

Oumar and Angela

Buying a house with Jaimee being my realtor was so easy and smooth she was on top of everything, going over and beyond her job. I would like to say thank you so much, she made it simple and easy after hearing horror stories from friends and family member who had purchased there houses saying it was stressful, I was a little worried but I'm glad I had Jamiee as my realtor she just made it easy and now I'm telling all my friends and family how easy my experiance was buying our first home.

Kathleen and Jim

We could not have found a more helpful realtor! Jamie was with us every step of the way in what turned out to be a very long process. She is professional,knowledgeable and kind.

The Sam's

Jaimee was professional and courteous. She was efficient and always made sure that she provided us with numerous properties that fit the criteria that we were looking for in a home. She kept us updated every step of the way and when we had made our final decision set up the inspection and closing within a three week time frame. She is the best and is helps that she has a great sense of humor. I would recommend her as an agent to my friends, family and co-workers.

Derek and Brittany

As first-time home buyers, my fiancee and I were a little intimidated getting started. Jaimee helped us so much with every step of the process. It really felt a little too easy once we met for the first time. We are so lucky to have had the chance to work with her and would do it again in a second! Jaimee is everything you could hope for in an agent.

Jim and Lisa

My fiancee and I had nothing but a wonderful experience with Jamiee. She took the time with us to find the right property that fit our needs. She is very knowledgeable and works very diligently and extremely trustworthy, you can count on her to make your expectations a reality. We will be buying more properties in the near future and will only use Jamiee as our agent. We consider her not just our realtor but also a friend! Thank you again! Jim and Lisa

Desiree and Justin

Jaimee was awesome in every way. We were moving cross country and had no idea about how to buy a home in Philadelphia. Jaimee was patient with our endless questions and changes, responsive even with a 4 hour time difference (!), and helped us get into our new home in a very short timeframe. She's both a great person and realtor; definitely give Jaimee a call if you're buying a home in Philly!


Jaimee Brosko-Smith Changed my life. After placing my house on the market and getting less than 5 showings in 8 months I was recommended to team up with Jaimee because she is a closer. The 1st go round with Jaimee we had an offer in less than 30 days. Unfortunately the buyer had second thoughts (at no fault of Jaimee's) the second go round she did it again in less than 30 days selling my home and making sure that she never stopped helping me search for my dream home after trying for so long we sold our home on 5/9 and bought our home on 5/27! my family and I could not be happier!!! Thank you so much for support your dedication and your professionalism!!!!

Maura and Dave

My fiancé and I were first time homebuyers and we're recommended to Jaimee by friends, and we could not have been more pleased. From the beginning of the process, she explained everything to us - no question or inquiry was too small. She was knowledge, very honest and was extremely prompt in her responses or setting up appointments. It was a long journey for us to find the right house, but Jaimee was always patient and never forced us on anything. She knew what we wanted and always put our interests first. Even until the end, when we found the house we were looking for, she coached us through the offer process, the inspection process, and even the lending process.